Phyto Digest


Protease I, II, III, IV - 72,000 Units

It assists in the break down of proteins into amino acids and polypeptides

Lipase - 7000 Units

Resolve nutrient deficiency in cystic fibrosis patients. Optimize absorption of vitamins and minerals from food

Cellulase - 17,000 Units

Aid the breakdown of cellulose into usable glucose. Also breaks down harmful microbial biofilms

Amylase - 15,000 Units

Improves Digestion. Provides the Body With Energy. Helps Fight Diabetes. May Work as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Hemicellulase - 4000 Units

This fiber can help to absorb dietary fat, including cholesterol

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Phyto Digest

Our Digest Contains A Therapeutic Dosage Of Highly Active Enzymes Specificly Formulated To Ensure Maximum Absorption And Assimilation Of Nutrients

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