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Immune Tea

Woodlands Blend

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Digestive Tea

Native Earth Blend

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SeaBD 50

Original Formula 50mg

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Bowel Formula

Healthy Gut Function

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Blending Nature

With Science

For centuries, Medicinal plants have been cultivated for their unique properties Our modern approach combines plants’ complimentary phytonutrient profiles to deliver maximum benefit. The blends are designed to be safely consumed throughout the day.

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Physicians Trust our products because of our rigorous testing standings. We test our raw materials before they are encapsulated and afterwards by the most stringent 3rd party testing labs in the nation. This assures efficacy and sets the standard.

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Super impressed! 😍

"A friend told me about Phyto Immune Tea, so I decided to try it. It is a wonderful blend of phyto nutrients easily drank for your morning cup of tea. It is flavorful and healthy, and one tea bag makes four cups of tea."

Linda H.

The tea is amazing 👅

"I drank it all through a recent bought of covid and it helped me feel better. Ill continue to drink this very special tea and will happily order again."

Robert D.

Health confidence booster

"I love the taste and am confident at how good it is for me and that it is keeping me healthy. I’m striving for three cups a day! High quality all the way and the beautiful canister is pretty enough to display out on the kitchen counter. I gifted a canister to someone already."

Kimberly A.

Love it so much 💕

"Husband and I like the tea very much. We normally get 3 cups out of each tea bag."

Laila K.

It really works!

"My friend told me that they were taking SeaBD 75 for stress and also to boost their immune system, so I got a bottle, and it worked! Finally a CBD product that does what it says!!"

Beth Ann B.

Cleaned me out :)

"My gut was giving me problems and my doctor recommended this Bowel Formula. I was skeptical because...but this stuff cleaned me out, and my gut is still getting better day by day. It's worth it."

Shannon R.